10 Insane AI Features in Davinci Resolve Studio

Artificial Intelligence is here to help you do the boring and repetitive tasks so you can be more creative.

I know a lot of creative types such as content creators, filmmakers and photographers are afraid of AI taking over their jobs. In reality AI is here to help us get the work done faster, giving the creators more time to be creative. AI does this by learning and then doing all the repetitive and boring tasks that are often associated with video editing and visual effects. I personally have worked on a lot of films as a VFX artist where I had to go frame by frame and rotoscope or cut out an object in a shot. If you’ve ever had to do that for months on end then you know it’s one of the most boring and slow jobs you can do. Thanks to artificial intelligence most of rotoscoping can now be avoided!

Here is a list of some of the amazing AI tools within Davinci Resolve Studio:

1 – Depth Map

2 – Magic Mask

3 – Object Removal

4 – Face Refinement

5 – Voice Isolation

6 – Relight Effect

7 – Smart Reframe

8 – Face Recognition

9 – Editing with Text

10 – Audio Classification

11 – Automatic Subtitles

12 – Super Scale

13 – Speed Warp

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