SIRUI Jupiter 28 to 85mm Full Frame Zoom Cine Lens

For the past month I’ve had my hands on a prototype of a new Zoom lens from Sirui. Today I wanted to share my thoughts and the kind of images I got with this lens.

This lens has a focal length of 28 to 85mm and aperture of T3.2 to T22. The minimum focus distance is 2.3 feet (0.7 meters). This lens is also parfocal which means it keeps the focus on a set distance as you zoom in or out through out the whole range. A lot of still photography zoom lenses can’t keep the focus still while changing the zoom setting so for a cinema style lens this is a must have feature.

Order this Sirui Lens here:


Some other specs of this lens are:

  • 44mm Image Circle which covers full frame and large format sensors like RED V-Raptor, ARRI Alexa Mini, Canon C500 Mark II, Sony FX9 and Sony VENICE.
  • Constant T Stops as you zoom in or out. Same as the constant focus.
  • Virtually no focus breathing.
  • Geared focus, zoom and aperture rings.
  • PL or EF mount options.
  • Lens Adapters for either version of the lens so they can be used with E and RF mount.

This is a big and solidly built lens which weights quite a bit. Depending on the option you go with it’s around 2.5kg or 5.5lbs heavy. Because of that I would recommend using a lens support.

This lens delivers a clean and sharp image that can be used with 8K cameras without a worry. I used it with the ZCam F6 using PL mount. All the footage you see in my video review was shot in 6K resolution.

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