Cheap Wireless Mic with Back Up Recording

LensGo LWM-328C is an easy to use wireless mic system that has internal recording.

You can find this wireless mic on Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France. Also on eBay

Model: LWM-328C;
Material: ABS plastic, PCB; Color: Black
Channel Number: 99 channels;
High-pass filter: —0Hz, ~80 Hz
Frequency Range: 521MHz -555MHz;
Frequency response: 60~17KHz
Signal to noise ratio: -60dB;
Sound time delay: Less than 1mS
Headphone output power: 50mW;
RF output power: 90mW
Recording sampling rate: 16bit 48K
Package dimensions: 340*140*85mm
Gross weight 860g,Net weight 360g
Powered by: 2x AA batteries;
Battery life: About 5H

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