Moza Air 2s – First Look

Moza has released their latest gimbal which is the Air 2s.

This is not to be confused with the recently released DJI drone that is also called the Air 2s. Obviously the name itself says this new 3 axis gimbal is an update to their previous gimbal the Moza Air 2 which was a huge success and still is my favorite.

I’ve had a chance to use this new gimbal for the past month. I am working on an in-depth review of the Moza Air 2s where I will show you all the neat features the gimbal has along with the improvements. If you are wondering however if I like this new gimbal then the short answer is YES! So far I have not found anything wrong with this gimbal and I double I will. I will keep you guys updated however once I release the full in depth review.

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Gimbal Weight
Without Battery 1750g
With Battery 1900

Payload Range
Minimum 500g
Maximum 4200g

Type Li-ion 4S(built-in)
Capacity 3200mAh
Working Voltage 14.8V
Max. Battery Life 20H
Can charge the gimbal while charging the battery using the USB-C cable
Fast-Charging Support 12V 2.5A

Type USB power adapter (optional)
Input 110-220V 50-60Hz AC
Output 12V 2.5A 30W
Charging Time 2H(Fast-Charging)

Camera Control Port Mini USB 10PIN
Accessory Supply Port Multi-CAN*1
Camera Power Supply Port 2mm DC 7.8V
Peripherals Power Supply Port DC5521 16.8V
Gimbal Power Supply Port USB-C(charging)

Quick release plate
Lens Holder
Follow focus installation tube
USB cable
Camera control cables
Travel Storage Case

One thought on “Moza Air 2s – First Look”

  1. The batteries on the MozaAir2 were a constant issue myself and many other users were faced with during the time we used our MozaAir2. The battery charged they had included didn’t come with a dedicated outlet adapter so many users were improperly recharging their batteries. Hopefully those concerns are put to rest with the introduction of a built in battery with this new model. The only issue still lingering would be what if that built in battery dies? This isn’t like the MozaAirCross2 where the battery is made to appear built in but is removable so I hope they put something better than those old red Moza batteries in there.

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