MOIN | Pocket-Sized Camera with a Gimbal from Moza

Moza just lunched a new product, the MOIN Camera, which is a 3- Axis Motorized Anti-shake pocket Camera.

Just looking at this brand new camera you might easily confuse it with the DJI Osmo pocket camera and that’s because these cameras are actually very similar. Perhaps the only biggest difference is the much lower price of the Moza MOIN which retails at $299 USD. Below are the specs and features of the new camera from Moza.

2.45″ Super HD Touch Screen that allows you to view and control all the camera settings from multiple angles.

1/2.3″ HD Sensor / 12MP Photo / 4K/60fps Video / 8X Zoom  for both videos and photos.

120° Super Wide Angle Lens allows you to get capture more of your scene.

MOZA Digital Stereo System allows you to capture high quality audio stereo sound.

3 Axis Gimbal for smooth video in different modes like Face Tracking, FPV, Panorama, Time-Lapse and Slow Motion.

The MOZA MOIN CAMERA is an fun pocket gimbal camera combo with a built-in 2.45″ touch screen and 120° FOV Lens. Like the DJI Osmo it is a perfect gadget for casual video recording, home videos, vlogging as well as someone like me who needs an easy and fast way to capture good looking behind the scenes videos. When I am working on actual film projects I always want a camera with me that isnt big or heavy to carry but that will allow me to just put it down or carry it with me and get shots of me working. This camera with the gimbal and the face tracking just might be that perfect tool.

The MOIN Camera’s 2.45″ touch screen allows users to monitor the camera’s view and control all camera settings. Just tap the screen to access the easy-to-use graphical user interface. The camera has a 120° FOV Lens, great for capturing selfie videos or establishing shots of vast landscapes. The stereo pair of microphones feature improved pickup performance, intelligent noise reduction, uncolored sound and high fidelity audio.

The MOIN Camera has a 1/2.3″ sensor that produces images with low noise. The camera can take 12MP photos, 4K video at 60fps, and 8x slow motion in HD. The camera also features Face Tracking, First Person View (FPV), Panorama, and Time-Lapse mode.

Only coming in at 176g means the MOIN CAMERA is lighter than any other camera I own! The MOIN Camera’s internal battery can operate for 145 minutes and be fully charged in 90 min. This is were I was hoping they could improve over the competition. I will have to test it out and see if it can be powered for much longer using a portable USB battery bank.

MOIN CAMERA uses Intelligent Silent Transfer to speed up transfer time between the smartphone and the stored media. The MOZA Artist App can also be set to import all media stored on the MOIN CAMERA automatically. During this mode, the gimbal and smartphone will remain connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while the files are transferred.

The newest product from MOZA is available now on B&H and Amazon. To learn more click HERE.

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