1 Thing You Should Know Before Buying Sony FX3 or A7s3

Both the new Sony FX3 and the Sony a7Siii are incredible cameras but they have one issue that can be a major flaw for some of you.

If you are looking for a full frame video camera that has one of the best auto focus system and amazing image stabilization, beautiful colors and 4K video up to 120 frames per second plus 240 fps in HD then the Sony FX3 or the a7S3iii are probably the cameras you should get. I refer to them the same since they are identical cameras with just 2 different bodies. Internaly they are identical and produce identical videos. The Sony a7S3 is more suited for the hybrid shooter what wants a great video camera and also photo camera. The Sony FX 3 is designed for video shooter with buttons that make sense for that.

However if you don’t own or plan to invest money into the expensive and big full frame lenses then these cameras are not for you. Yes you can record video in Super 35mm crop mode but since the cameras only have a 12 mega pixel image sensor, there is not enough resolution in these cameras to crop in and still output 4K video. So when you are shooting with lenses that aren’t full frame you will be forced to crop in to the super 35mm mode which then limits these cameras to HD video. Suddenly these amazing cameras are not worth the price since there are older cameras that can produce the same thing for a lower price.

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