Synco Wireless Microphone or the Rode Wireless Go?

There is a new compact wireless microphone kit in town and it’s half the price of the Rode Wireless Go. Question is, can it match the quality of the trusted Rode brand? Watch the video review to find out.

You can download the raw audio from this video HERE.

➡Synco Single Mic Version

➡Synco Double Mic Version

➡Rode Wireless Go
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One thought on “Synco Wireless Microphone or the Rode Wireless Go?”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to test these 2 microphones! This has saved me a lot of time browsing and reading reviews. I don’t need the microphone for the range, however I will have it hiding under my clothes and I’ll be moving around. The Synco is a good “entry level” product depending on what you use it for. I will invest that little bit more for the trustworthy Rode for peace of mind as the quality is better.

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