New Film “Planet of the Humans”

Michael Moore produced and released a new documentary film. It’s titled “Planet of the Humans” and it’s directed by Jeff Gibbs.

The film talks about the false hope that many people have in that green energy is going to save us from polluting this planet. This is actually something I have been talking about for a long time since I’ve had experience with solar or wind energy in my personal and work life. I’m sure you’ve seen me promote the solar generators like the one from Inergy or Maxoak. While I think it’s a great accessory for small portable productions or where you need to be able to power your laptop while you are away off the grid, I am also the one to admit that this kind of technology will not supply all of our energy needs. My personal experience with green energy started about 11 years ago. Back then I was excited to convert my family cottage into 100% renewable energy powered home. After spending lots of time and money I realized it was not sustainable both financially and logistically. I thought with time it will get better and cheaper, so I always kept up with this tech. Unfortunately, although I think small solar powered applications like the one I built in my RV are great. This is just simply not sustainable on an average size home and impossible on industrial scale. Not to mention that producing most of the components of a fully enclosed solar or wind powered system produces horrible waste and doesn’t last longer than a few years. To convert the whole world to such renewable energy would be disastrous to the health of this planet. This new Michael Moore film that you can watch for free right now shows some of the issues that I ran into with green energy.

Although I don’t agree with many of the films points and solutions I am glad more people are waking up to the reality of current renewable energy technology.

All is not lost however. The first thing we definitely have to do is to slow down our population growth. That means reproducing more consciously. I believe and many studies show that if an average couple had no more than 2 kids this would level off human population very quickly. Is this something that can and should be done? I will not say I am an expert but I always welcome a healthy discussion. So please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Another thing we definitely have to do is to change our way of life so we consume less energy. This can be done fairly easily. By producing a lot more energy efficient tech. Encouraging conservation of water, electricity fuel etc. I noticed while traveling with my family in an RV that many people in America already know how to do it. Many people travel in RV’s without full hookups and when they do they are very careful about how long their showers are or how late they stay up and leave the lights on etc. If they are not careful with it then they won’t have enough water or electricity. I’ve also had to do this while traveling in an RV with my family and while at the beginning it feels strange, it is also something that you get used to very quickly. In fact very often I would travel and fully power our home on wheels using solar by rationing power. This still allowed me to do work while on the road like video editing.

The last challenge is how can we produce a lot of real green energy? While this might seem impossible after watching this new Michael Moore film we do however have unlimited clean energy right underneath our feet. Places like Iceland already use it and this can be a viable solution for the whole world since this planet is amazing at storing sun energy. A constantly flowing hot lava is under earth’s crust. With current drilling technology we can already reach deep enough to steady high temperatures that our planet produces. By simply digging deep enough to reach ambient temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more, all we have to do to turn that heat into energy is a simple steam powered generator. We already have this geothermal tech and just need to implement it on a broader scale. 

You can watch the full film for free here:


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