How to power your cameras, lights, laptops & more for days!

I use various batteries including the latest in solar generators to provide portable power that can be recharged using the sun.

Today I will be talking about the newest solar generators or portable power systems. I previously reviewed the Inergy Apex which now has a much more competition from companies like Maxoak. I actually already reviewed camera V-Mount batteries made by Maxoak a long time ago and I see the company has since expended to making solar generators.

You can get the Bluetti solar generator here:
10% off discount coupon: bluetti2019
Amazon Canada

Specs of the Bluetti:
-1500Wh Lithium-ion battery
-LG 1865-4S3P cell
-1000W pure sine wave inverter
-MPPT solar charge controller
-Solar max 60V/500W
-weight: 37.9lbs

Maxoak EB40 400Wh portable battery is sold here:
5% off discount coupon: MAXOAK40

Specs of the Maxoak EB40:
-400Wh Lithium-ion battery
-Samsung INR18650-29E cell
-300W pure sine wave inverter
-MPPT solar charge controller
-Solar max 40V/125W/10A
-weight: 12.3lbs

My favorite solar panels

300W inverter for charging the Bluetti in your car

My review of the V-Mount batteries from Maxoak

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4 thoughts on “How to power your cameras, lights, laptops & more for days!”

    1. I use them both still. The Bluetti from Maxoak has a bigger battery capacity and also the DC plugs are regulated so it works better when I need to run on DC power specially when Im in my car/rv and Im charging my laptop or fridge on it. At the same time the AC inverter is better on the Apex so for just running AC lights or appliances I prefer the Apex.

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