Tiger King: Lesson in Creative Video Editing

Netflix series “Tiger King” is really well edited. They even managed to make people say things they never actually did. Let me explain how this can easily be done by anyone through the magic of video editing.

When this new Netflix series premiered it seems it went viral and helped entertain all the people stuck at home during this virus outbreak. Strange times. I normally don’t watch much TV or online video so I didn’t right away know that this new viral sensation featured my friends from Myrtle Beach Safari.

After a few days however the word got around to me and I had to watch this show for myself. I gotta say it was a crazy ride that is well edited. However it uses a lot of creative editing techniques to make it look like people are saying things they never did. Not to mention that the show’s creators were very sneaky and clever in how they portrayed everyone who’s featured in order to make them look as outrageous as possible.

My wife at Myrtle Beach Safari

However I hate to brake it to you, this is not reality. I am not sure who Joe Exotic is or Carole Baskin, so I can’t comment on how they were portrayed but I do personally know the people at Myrtle Beach Safari. This show was busy trying to make my friends all look like some villains from a bad film. First Antle doesn’t have a cult. The Netflix show had shots of various women who work with Antle and mentioned that all these women are his “girlfriends”. The reality is that the women they showed were actually a fiance of one of my friends and also of Antle’s son, plus other of Antle’s family members. Antle’s wife died a long time ago. He has two kids. His son Kody works with him at the preserve as do some of his grandchildren, nephews and nieces. They mentioned that all the women there are forced to dress sexy and slutty while they showed a montage of the women putting on lipstick. If they mean lipstick or shorts are slutty then I guess according to the creators of this show most women in the world are slutty. I wonder how come they never showed many of the men who work at Myrtle Beach Safari (and who also wear shorts)?

Also this show accused Antle of killing or euthanizing tiger cubs once they are too big to pet. They also said their facility was raided by the government. They never said that their facility is constantly supervised by federal authorities or that killing tigers is illegal and would have caused the government to shut down Myrtle Beach Safari a long time ago.  They’re still operational and aid the government official in tracking down illegally owned tigers by allowing them access to their DNA data.

The show had shots of tigers in tiny filthy cages. I’ve been there and there is no such thing that I’ve seen. Their facility is actually quite amazing, big and clean. The first thing that struck me about their place versus many of the public city zoos that I’ve seen is that Myrtle Beach Safari is huge and has open spaces where the tigers can run around. Not only that but I’ve never seen a full grown tiger run at full speed until I visited Myrtle Beach Safari. That is because all the other zoo’s just don’t have the space for tigers to run. Another thing the Netflix show forgot to mention is all the conservation work that Myrtle Beach Safari does around the world. In fact my friend Robert Johnson who works with Antle, goes every year to Africa where he organizes a safari for paying customers. After the safari is done he travels all over the continent delivering goods and helps train rangers and staff at various wild life preserves.

Me with my friend Robert

Myrtle Beach Safari allows people to come and see many beautiful animals up close so they can connect with them. The facility and their staff also helps spread the awareness of why many of these animals are near extinction in the wild and how people can help. Lastly the money that the paying visitors bring goes to all the animal conservation work done around the world by people from Myrtle Beach Safari.

My son making a vegan hot dog at Myrtle Beach Safari

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the lies from a from a little show titled “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”. That title alone screams SENSATIONALISM!

In the end, as time goes on this Netflix show will be forgotten as people move on to watch the next viral video but hopefully the animals that need the help will not be abandoned by the public.

If you want to help with the conservation work then please visit The Rare Species Fund

Also if you want to see how a few editing tricks can make it look like people are saying things they never said then don’t forget to watch my video on how it’s done.

Special thanks to Curtis Judd for helping me out by acting as the narrator of my fake documentary. You can follow him on his YouTube channel.

I also used music from Epidemic Sound 
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Also check out Myrtle Beach Safari if you want to make up your own opinion on Antle and the people who work there.

2 thoughts on “Tiger King: Lesson in Creative Video Editing”

  1. Tom as usual you are a man to speak the truth. I hate the way mass media vilifies those that work so hard to educate people and help keep the animal world from extinction. I hope your message reach a wide audience! It disgust me how they make money off those work so hard to help those who cannot help themselves. People always want to believe the worst…

    I hope you and your lovely family are doing well during this pandemic! You won’t remember this, but I met your wife and your son at one of the classes you did in Miami for MZed. It was the night of the first day and she brought you son down (he was tiny and really cute baby). You really energized me as a film maker (if you can use that word when it comes to my lol). Your class bring back fond memories for me. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. And may you get through this safe and healthy!!! God speed my friend.

    1. Thank you Page. I do remember, Miami was one of the most fun seminars I did that year. It was also where I met my friend who works at Myrtle Beach Safari. Thank you for the kind words. We are doing great here with my family. My son is a lot bigger and he has a brother that he plays with. So while this pandemic is horrific we don’t really feel it ourselves as much where we are. Hope it also doesn’t affect you too much. God be with you, your family and friends! Take care, turn off the TV and stay positive.

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