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I have a new tutorial where I explain how I built my own camera dolly that can support the weight of the camera, the camera operator and even the focus puller, if need be. The cost is around $120 (give or take; depends where you buy the materials).

Tutorial 13

Things you’ll need:

  • Plywood $10
  • Skateboard wheels $50

    (or you can buy camera dolly wheels from Amazon and other online sotres)

  • Seat $25
  • 6 feet (2 metres) of tracks $20
  • Handle $10
  • Metal hook $5

PLUS the tools to make this with!

9 thoughts on “DIY CAMERA DOLLY!”

  1. is there a step by step build for you doorway dolly…
    and do you have a parts list wheels size ect..

  2. Awesome Tutorial John!

    I was wondering, Is there a way to create a circular dolly track? For 360 views of a subject.


  3. Hi Tom! I want to build a dolly just like the one in your tutorial. The issue is i can not really figure how you make the swivel wheels? Is there a bearing between the board and the aluminium corner or how exactly can i achieve what i saw on your video tut? Thanx! I love your music video school series, my go to Music video manual.

    1. Hi Richard, yes there is a bearing between the board and the aluminium corner. I didn’t have to install that since I bought the wheels already finished so I just attached them to the board.

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