Shotgun Mic for Indie Films, TV & Docs

Indie filmmaking sound recording kit on a budget from Rode is here. Say hello to the new NTG5 mic.

Rode sells this new mic with a few accessories such as shotgun mount and windscreen. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor location and sound effect recording.

Righ now you can get the Rode NTG5 only from B&H

Download the audio sample from the Rode NTG5 HERE.

My first impressions of this mic are very positive. It’s built very well yet it’s super light and small. Also I love how it sounds. The noise floor is really low. It picks up natural sounding vocals with lots of details in the highs.

Rode advertises the mic as durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, drops, and moisture. I can’t confirm that just yet since I just started using the mic but I will follow up after a few months to see how it performs on my various film projects.

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  1. Thanks for the review Tom. Question for you. Is a blimp really that much better than a dead cat for controlling wind noise?

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