Moza Air 2 must have accessories (Mounting bracket & handle)

I am always looking for ways to improve my camera gear. As you know I’ve already added a few accessories to my favorite gimbal the Moza Air 2. Now I found the one addition that I was always missing and I think it’s a must have if you own this great gimbal.

I have already show various videos and posts about how I pimped out my gimbal. The only thing I did not have was a way to attach a strap so that I can hang the gimbal off my shoulder when I need to take a break. I did put on the gimbal another bracket that does just that but it was designed for the DJI Ronin-S gimbal so it didn’t fit properly on the Moza Air 2 and also I had to mount it on the handle where it blocked the trigger button. Now finally someone has created a perfect mounting ring that attaches at the top of the gimbal just below the yaw motor. This allows me to attach a carrying strap but also it let’s me put a handle so I can get low angle shots easier.

You can watch my video where I show in detail what this great little accessory can do for you Moza Air 2 gimbal.

You can get the bracket here:

SmallRig Top Handle:

DIGITALFOTO Universal L bracket for single handle gimbals

Get the MOZA Air 2 Gimbal here:
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  1. Hello Tom, thanks for the great info and for all of your awesome videos. Would you mind telling me the name of the strap you are using? Just ordered my Moza Air 2 and I am trying to emulate your setup.

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