Forged In Stone (Film Premiere)

Today is the online premiere of a documentary I shot titled “Forged In Stone”.

I have previously done a few tutorials and showed various shots of me working on this film. Like for example the video about how to setup lights for interviews which you can watch HERE.
Also I did a video about how I use drones which you can see HERE.

Today the actual film has premiered online!

I’ve actually had a chance to watch the official premiere of the film yesterday at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto. It was great to see my work on a big screen. This specially made an impact as I spend almost a month working on the film and always looking at the small monitor screen. Only on a big screen can you see all the details. The film was directed by Julia Bachelor of Spinning Rabbit Productions.

Here are a few pictures from the film’s premiere in Toronto.

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  1. Hi Tom it’s absolutely amazing, the visuals and drone shots are excellent. Something I would love to know is, how did you do that 3D effect with the still photos making the person bigger while leaving the background the same size ? Thank you so much for the link.

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