Sell out a concert – crowd VFX tutorial

Today’s tutorial is a long one – fifty minutes – but it shows you all you need to create a VFX shot of a crowd. Getting extras is oftentimes a challenge. When you need a huge crowd, like for a concert or a sporting event, VFX is probably your only option (if you are on an indie budget).

To acheive this effect you will need to get a green screen and film your actors against it. You can find various affordable green screens HERE.

I shot this video on the Sony a6500 camera which was mounted on the Moza Air Cross gimbal with the Sigma 16mm F1.4 Lens.

Here is the finished music video.

One thought on “Sell out a concert – crowd VFX tutorial”

  1. Interesting and informative tutorial Tom. I’ll keep it handy for future reference. The last time I had to come up with a massive crowd shot, we had to get it in camera. Basically we used about fifty background performers and did various medium and close-up moving shots – not to mention some wardrobe changes – and combined that with some stock footage from a USC football game at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Nice to know I can have my editor do this in post in the future.

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