Sell out a concert – crowd VFX tutorial

Today’s tutorial is a long one – fifty minutes – but it shows you all you need to create a VFX shot of a crowd. Getting extras is oftentimes a challenge. When you need a huge crowd, like for a concert or a sporting event, VFX is probably your only option (if you are on an indie budget).

To acheive this effect you will need to get a green screen and film your actors against it. You can find various affordable green screens HERE.

I shot this video on the Sony a6500 camera which was mounted on the Moza Air Cross gimbal with the Sigma 16mm F1.4 Lens.

One thought on “Sell out a concert – crowd VFX tutorial”

  1. Interesting and informative tutorial Tom. I’ll keep it handy for future reference. The last time I had to come up with a massive crowd shot, we had to get it in camera. Basically we used about fifty background performers and did various medium and close-up moving shots – not to mention some wardrobe changes – and combined that with some stock footage from a USC football game at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Nice to know I can have my editor do this in post in the future.

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