Biwin CFast 2.0 memory card review

Most affordable CFast 2.0 cards I’ve relied on

CFast 2.0 memory cards allow to record with very high bitrates, for example when filming RAW with the BlackMagic URSA Mini cameras. Unfortunately, this latest technology comes with a heavy price tag. One can expect the prices to eventually come down, but for those of us who need CFast 2.0 today, there is now a viable option.

Biwin is a small brand from the U.K. that has come out with CFast 2.0 cards that beat the prices of better known memory card makers. The question we had, though, was the reliability of these Biwin cards, as is always the case when dealing with unknown brands.

Here’s Tom’s review where he shares his experience of using these cards on video projects

You can buy the Biwin CFast 2.0 cards on eBay and Biwin website.

And here is my Ruggard memory card case: BH Photo Video, Amazon, eBay

In the video, Tom mentions an CFast to SSD DIY hack. You can find out all about it here.

There is also an off-the-shelf (as opposed to DIY) version of this CFast to SSD hack, and you can find out all about it here.

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