$135 camera car mount

$135 PRO Camera Car Mount!

I’ve used various car mounts, including my DIY car mount and suction mounts. But I had not been satisfied until I found the Camtree Gripper G-51.

Some of the things I like about this camera car mount is that it’s very affordable – just $135! Despite the low price, it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s made mostly from metal, and it can hold up even a cinema camera.

Also, it comes with a padded carry case and lots of different pieces and arms of varyings lengths. This makes it possible to configure the rig so that it fits any car or mounting scenario.

Watch the full review for all my thoughts

You can buy the Camtree Gripper G-51 on Amazon, eBay and the manufacturer’s website.

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One thought on “$135 PRO Camera Car Mount!”

  1. Very informative. Two questions.
    Haven’t you found it necessary to also secure the camera from the top? In other riggings I’ve seen, the camera mounts on a base, then a triangle configuration of arms meet on the top to really lock the whole thing down. When I’ve tried base mounting alone, I still get some vibrations from idling and wind, so I needed to lock down from the top as well.

    Also, what tripod head are you using? Is that the 502?

    Thank you!

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