Boltzen LED Fresnel Lights

3-Point Interview Lighting with world’s smallest Fresnel lights – Boltzen LED

I recently got new LED lights from CAME-TV. To test them out, I set up a little 3-point light mock-up interview.

The coolest thing about these lights – aside from their low price – is that they are the smallest and lightest Fresnel lights on the market.

Being Fresnel, they have a (Fresnel) lens in front of the light, allowing you to focus the light and get a lot more power output.

So, when you combine the small form-factor and high light intensity, and you add the fact that the lights can be powered with various batteries, you have lights that are great for on-location filming scenarios.

Here is the video review of these BOLTZEN lights

Here are the exact lights I used in my set-up:

CAME-TV Boltzen 55W Fresnel Focusable Led Daylight (model F-55) – available on B&H, Adorama, eBay, Amazon,, Newegg and CAME-TV website

CAME-TV Boltzen 30W Fresnel Fanless Focusable Led Daylight (model B-30) – available on B&H and CAME-TV website

You can find all all CAME-TV BOLTZEN series lights here on CAME-TV website.

And here is the softbox I used in the video:
Aputure Light Dome 35″ Softbox with Bowen-S Speed Ring on BH Photo, , Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany

3 thoughts on “3-Point Interview Lighting with world’s smallest Fresnel lights – Boltzen LED”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for posting an overview of the Boltzens and letting us see them in action.

    I just my set of 55W Boltzens and just testing them. But having an issue with NP-F batteries Hope you don’t mind me asking, what batteries did you use in your video?

    When I power up my 55w units via the mains adapter they work perfectly. But when I use either of my two NPF-970/960 or either of my four smaller NPF-550 they essential cut out when I turn the power up on the dimmer, can’t get past about 30% and the battery level monitor shows low battery, even though they are 100% charged .I am guessing the battery packs I have are not maintaining voltage when more current draw is coming from the light and the light shuts down. The two battery packs I have are both 3rd party, Calumet and the other unbranded. Strange as the battery packs I have work perfectly in other devices and other lights.

    I am curious if anyone else is having NP-F battery issues running the Boltzen 55W with NP-F batteries. Any input would appreciated.

  2. Hi thanks for the detailed review of these lights. Please would you be able to do some tests on the 30w and 55w lights using a light meter? I would be really interested in seeing the apertures needed at say 6 feet and 12 feet in the flood and spot positions at ISO800 (I shoot on a Blackmagic camera with native ISO 800). Thanks 🙂

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