Firmware Update for BlackMagic URSA Mini Cameras with new OS

Today, BlackMagic has finally released the long-awaited firmware update (4.0 Beta) for the URSA Mini cameras. Although this is a beta version of the firmware, the update takes the URSA cameras to a completely new level thanks to a brand new operating system.

URSA Mini cameras are really revolutionizing the industry by bringing pro quality 4K video at an affordable price. I had a chance to work with the URSA Mini 4K for a few months and loved it. Now I am currently testing out the new 4.6K version. I just shot a film on that camera and I am about to start another short film and right after that a feature film. This way I can properly test out the camera on the field and let everyone who’s interested in this camera, if it’s a good investment. You can right now buy the URSA Mini 4K and the 4.6K cameras at B&H Photo Video Store and also on Amazon. I will release my full review of the camera itself as soon as I am ready. If you already own the camera then you will be interested in the new firmware.


This new operating system is a lot more intuitive and easier to navigate. The new firmware brings these updates only to the URSA Mini cameras, but a Blackmagic Design representative confirmed they will be releasing a similar update to their full size URSA cameras sometime in the future. The new firmware also bring a few updates to the URSA Viewfinder which you can buy at B&H Photo Video Store and also on Amazon.


    Here are some of the big improvements:

  • now you can directly change settings from the camera view – without having to go through the settings menu. This means that, as you are making the changes, you can see how it affects your image
  • the display menu is a lot more customizable – you can change a lot more settings. You have much more control over the white balance (you can dial the Kelvin temperature or use the presets)
  • it is a lot easier to choose codecs, frame rates and project frame rates
  • another really cool thing is the fact that once you do a certain set-up, you can save your user preset. So, whatever settings you like, you can save as your user preset. You can have up to nine of these presets (and BlackMagic says that in the future they will do more)
  • you can also load in custom LUTs, so you can see how an image will look with a certain LUT applied
  • the F1 and F2 buttons that were previously useless can now be programmed to perform custom functions

For all the other information about the firmware update, please go to BlackMagic’s website by clicking here. You will also be able to download the firmware there.

Here the BlackMagic rep shows off some of the features of the new firmware



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