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New Full-HD Camera Monitors from Aputure

As a follow-up to their very popular VS-2 and VS-3 camera monitors, Aputure is releasing two new models: the VS-1 FineHD and VS-2 FineHD. These are seven-inch monitors and, as the name suggests, they offer full-HD resolution. Just as importantly, Aputure is keeping the prices of their monitors affordable.

Ever since I reviewed the Aputure VS-3 camera monitor, it has been my favourite one. It has exactly the functionality and quality I need and it’s very reasonably priced.

The VS-2 model also offers a great value, although the lack of HDMI-out port was the main sore point for me. Here’s my review of the VS-2.

The FineHD monitors were just announced today and will be available on Amazon in the next few days.

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The main difference between the two FineHD models is that the VS-2 comes with additional monitoring functions like histogram, false colour and volume bar.

As I wrote in my reviews, the lack of full-HD in the older models was not an issue for me. Still, it is a welcome upgrade – especially since it did not increase the price much. Aputure is definitely heating up the competition – other manufacturers who offer full-HD camera monitors price their products much, much higher.

I will be testing the new FineHD models in the next couple of weeks, so I will have a review for you in January.

For more information on the FineHD monitors, please follow the links to the Aputure’s website:

VS-1 FineHD
VS-2 FineHD

If you are interested in buying the VS-3 model that I am using, Amazon right now has a $49 discount. You can check out the offer here.

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  1. Aputure’s website states the VS-1 FineHD will sell for “under $200”, but I haven’t found a dealer or ebay listing that shows the VS-1 FineHD for under $200. Hopefully, the retail price will actually be “under $200” as inventory becomes more available in regular retail channels.

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