Kenji Yamaguchi workshop National Geographic

National Geographic’s Camera Gear Magician: Kenji Yamaguchi

I came across an interesting short documentary about an unheralded man who has done some outstanding work. His name is Kenji Yamaguchi and he is a photography technician at the National Geographic.

He is the person who builds custom camera gear and rigs for the photographers of this famous magazine. And he has been doing this – out of spotlight – for a long time – thirty two years and counting.

National Geographic has made a nice short film about his work. It is heart-warming to see his work recognized. A lot of hard work goes into creating those amazing photos that National Geographic shares with us every year. Usually we give all the credit to photographers, but this short shows us that the credit is also oftentimes due to other talented and dedicated people, even if their names don’t appear alongside the photographs.

To see the film and find out more about the rigs and contraptions that Yamguchi builds, visit this National Geographic’s post.

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