Which DSLR/DSLM camera has the best autofocus?

We get a lot of questions asking for camera recommendations. Sometimes, we can see that one of the factors that people base their decision on is the quality of the camera’s autofocus. So, let us quickly address this issue.

It does not matter how good the autofocus is because, as a filmmaker, you should be using manual focus anyway. So, do not spend more on a camera because it has better autofocus.

If you are doing home videos, then for sure, a good autofocus is nice. But in that case you should be looking at using camcorders. That’s what they are designed for and are good at.

But if you aspire to produce cinematic work, you need to have the total control that comes with manual focusing.

Mind you, when shooting with a wide aperture, it is not easy to focus manually. You’ll have to practice to get good and quick with it. But this is a skill that you need to develop as a camera operator. It is well worth the effort.

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  1. weldone bro. u are my role model.
    am from nigeriaand i have always wanted to be a film maker but nothing pushed me into that line why growing up. am presently an IT support in a comany but am considering going for cinematographic training and get all these cameras then be like you haha.

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