Risør Festival Chamber Music

Recently TLA Productions went to shoot a webcast series in a beautiful town of Risor, Norway. The team consisted of editors Kamil Zawadzki along with Brennon D’Souza. DOP’s Khalid Mohtaseb and Jonathan Bregel. Produced by Lukasz Antos, and directed by me.

The idea was to shoot the concerts as cinematically as possible and intercut them with beauty shots of the surrounding area. The artists that were performing there, were some of the biggest names in classical music, including Marc-Andre, Per Arne Glorvigen, Brett Dean, Leif ove Andsnes.

All the concerts were shot inside a small, 400 year old church. The space was very limited so we shot the whole thing using Canon DSLR’s. 2 5D’s and 2 7D’s. We also had 3 GoPro cameras but they proved to be useless in low light. We also used Kessler Cineslider and Pocket Dolly, plus the Pocket Jib with the Revolution head & Oracle controller. In the end we shot about 20 concerts in 8 days. A crazy schedule but somehow we pulled it all off with amazing quality thnx to the whole team.

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