Making of “Famous Movies in One Take” – music video by DeStorm

Good things happen when you put talented people together. That is certainly how I feel after this collaboration with DeStorm Power. We have created a very unique music video that recreates nine famous movie scenes. To top it off, the whole video is shot in just one take.

To make it clear, we did many takes, but each time we had to capture the whole video. The final video is just one of those takes.

In this tutorial, see exactly how we shot the video and how we did the visual effects that recreated those famous movies.

Tutorial 22

You can see the original raw footage here (Tutorial 23).

And here’s the finished video:

Music by Christopher Charles
Jeff Sinasac
Katie Uhlmann

Special thnx to JReyez for helping us out!

Camera used: Canon 7D with Nikon lens 50mm f1.8

Here is the list of the movies we used:

The Gold Rush
The Godfather
Pulp Fiction
The Graduate
Rocky 2
Home Alone
Terminator 2

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