Anamorphic Revolution! 😲 Sirui 50MM F1.8 Lens

Budget anamorphic filmmaking is here thanks to this great new Sirui 50mm F1.8 lens.

For the first time you can get a real anamorphic lens for under $600. Make sure to pre-order fast before the indegogo campaign is over! Right now you can still get it for $599 but once the indiegogo campaign is over the price will go up to $699.

The SIRUI 50mm F1.8 Anamorphic lens is build sturdy, lightweight yet it delivers all the unique anamorphic features. It is made with Aircraft Aluminum housing and high-quality German Manufactured Schott optical glass lens elements. Compared to a traditional 50mm APS-C lens, the SIRUI 50mm F1.8 anamorphic camera lens produces a cinematic 2.4:1 widescreen video with a 33% increase of the horizontal field of view to achieve a FOV equivalent to an APS-C 37.5mm lens. It weights just 1.23lbs or 560 grams. The lens also has a 67mm front filter thread so you can easily attach variable ND filters and other glass.

In case you don’t know what anamorphic video or lenses are then I suggest you take a look at my Ultimate Anamorphic Guide.

If you want that true anamorphic look then you will get it with this lens. The bokeh is perfectly oval. The lens creates horizontal blue streaks. It is also a very sharp lens. At least sharp when compared to other anamoprhic lenses.

You can get this lens in 3 mount versions like the Fuji X-Mount, Sony E-Mount and Micro Four Thirds mount.

I already showed the early preproduction verion of this model here on my website.

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