Rhino ARC II 4 Axis Slider

Rhino has released a new motorized slider that I’ve had a chance to use over the last month. What makes this slider stand out is the set of features it offers like face tracking, fluid mode and programmable moves on 4 axis and more.

Check out my video review to see me demonstrate all the features of this exciting new slider. These different modes are all great and work flawlessly but the best feature for me is that this slider is fast to setup and super easy to use. I’ve used lots of motorized sliders before and I always had problems with things like setup, shaky footage and learning how to use it. The ARC 2 just simply works. Without reading any manuals I was able to start it up and use it really fast because both the on-board controls and the phone app is easy to understand.

The ARC 2 is available on the RHINO website. Use my coupon code TANTOS10 to get 10% off your whole order.
You can also buy this system from B&H https://bhpho.to/2Kx1O1A
Adorama https://adorama.rfvk.net/BQjb4
and eBay https://ebay.to/332YlhT

You can use the slider in a few different ways.
Video mode lets you quickly setup an automated slider move with pan & tilt and even follow focus.
Fluid mode is a great feature if you want to control the slider in real time. It essentially replaces your fluid head. You can even let the slider loop back and forth while you concentrate on controlling the pan & tilt along with the focus.
Timelapse mode is made easier on this slider because of the easy to understand settings which means you can set it up quickly.
Tracking mode is like having a robot operate your camera. You can have the ARC 2 automatically follow your subject in the shot.

The ARC II even has a big enough battery built in that will power the whole slider system and your camera. I used it mainly with the Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K camera and I was able to power it all for a full day of shooting.

Another little feature I like about this slider is the included tool that you can use to mount the head to the slider or tripod or if you want to open a bottle so you got something to drink while you are waiting for that epic timelapse to finish.

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