Lighting Trick: Light Beams / Lasers

This tutorial will show you how to create a beam of light in your next video production. They could be rays of light coming through a window, a laser pointer of a gun, or even a flashlight.

It’s a simple technique and it looks really cool!

Get all the equipment used in the video here:
Canon 7D Camera:
Redhead 3 Point Lighting Kit:
Redhead Softbox Lighting Kit:
Light Gels (filters):
Light Diffusion Paper:
Gel Clamps:
Gaffers Tape:

Tutorial 16

One thought on “Lighting Trick: Light Beams / Lasers”

  1. Hello tom Antos, Am about to shoot a musical videoclip for a friend and I want to give it a blue light fill at the background, I understand I have to use blue gel (CTB) and put some smoke in the Air so that the light can reflect through it,
    But show what I don’t understand is the fact that it’s a videoclip, should I keep the smoke machine working while I shoot or should I off it b4 I shot, please check minute 1.20 sec of this song, the night shot with the boys

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