CAMTREE-MB-20 CF Swing Away Carbon Fiber Matte Box

CAMTREE Swing Away Carbon Fiber Matte Box (C-MB-20-CF)

Here is the matte box that I’ve been using on my latest film projects. It is affordable, but of very good quality. Thanks to the carbon-fibre construction and aluminum frame, it is sturdy yet light. It has a 2-stage filter tray that holds 4X4 inch filters, with one of the filter trays being rotatable.

Also, the whole matte box swings away, making it easy to swap out lenses.

The box mounts onto two 15mm rail rods and has a vertical height adjustment.

Here is the full review

You can get the matte box on , Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany and CineCity website.

One thought on “CAMTREE Swing Away Carbon Fiber Matte Box (C-MB-20-CF)”

  1. You can also remove ghosting with swing-away boxes like this. Say it’s a night shoot and theres a street light glaring artifacts into the lens, you unlatch the box and swing it away until the reflection is gone. I grip the hinge like a handle to hold onto the matte box itself. I do this on many of my night shoots. (You need a filter inside to do this)

    It isn’t magic because you’re reflecting the glare to the side, so you can always pan into the angle of glare if you’re not careful. Arri has a box that tilts the filter up, allowing you to pan anywhere. But this is a great fix in a pinch and saves you from reframing some shots.

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