CineColor LUTs – Pack 1

Dawn on Fire

Dry Wind

Fun in the Sun

Golden Grass

Green 2 Red

Happy Split


Kodak Vision

Kodak Vision Cool

Kodak Vision Warm

Miami Streets

Neon Kiss

Pool Party


United in War

Urban Cinema

Urban Pop

War Bleach

Warm War

Winter War

CineColor LUTs – Pack 2

2 Tone Cool

2 Tone Extreme

2 Tone Warm

Amber Burn


Bloody Noir


Cool vs Hot

Copper Tin

Country Bliss

Creamy Dream Flat

Creamy Dream Punchy

Crisp Pop


Fujifilm Velvia

Fujifilm Velvia Cool

Fujifilm Velvia Warm

Ray of Dusk

Summer Dream

Tin Summer

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