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How To Create Affiliate Links

Assuming you have been approved as our affiliate partner and have opened an account with VHX.TV, an affiliate link to our main VHX store page will be generated for you. You can find it in your VHX dashboard under Your Link heading on the Account / Partners page (see here an example – for affiliate partner id “tlaproductions”).

The name you see under the Your Link heading is your affiliate partner identifier. This identifier needs to be included in any affiliate link, in order for your to be credited for generating the sales.

The one affiliate link generated for you by VHX already includes your id. However, it will be more effective if you link directly to our product pages. Unfortunately, you will need to create those affiliate links yourself, although the process is simple. For example, the product Music Video Film School has the url

To create an affiliate link for the partner id “tlaproductions”, we just add the string “?affiliate=tlaproductions” to the above url, which results in

So, to generate an affiliate link to any of our pages, just add the string “?affiliate=YOUR_PARTNER_ID” to the page url (replacing YOUR_PARTNER_ID with your actual partner id).

It is also a good idea to link to the catalogue page, which shows all the products we have on VHX. The url is, therefore, an affiliate link would be of the form:

Also, we have in our Dropbox a list of all the product urls for a generic partner. You can get them by clicking here.

Besides posting links (and images with links), you can embed trailers for each product. You can find these embed codes at (remember to replace YOUR_PARTNER_ID with your actual partner id). You can also navigate to this page in your VHX dashboard by going to Distribution, then Promote, then clicking on “Customize Your Embed” (under Embed Your Trailer). All these codes already include your partner id. Therefore, the sales will be tracked back to you (so, there is no need to self-generate affiliate embed codes for the product trailers).

We’ve also made available for you product images at various resolutions. You can get them here.

Please make sure to always link to our VHX store at, and not our website store at, since only sales processed by VHX are eligible for affiliate partner commission (we use PayPal on our website store and are, unfortunately, not able to offer an affiliate program for those sales).

How To Become An Affiliate Partner With Our VHX store

If you are visiting this page, you probably have already been approved as our affiliate partner. If not, and you are interested in becoming our partner, please first submit an application on this page. If approved, you will receive from us an email with an invitation link. The link will take you to the VHX website where you will be asked to open an account (since VHX processes our sales and administers the affiliate program). Once you do that, you will just need to wait for us to send a confirmation to VHX that you have been approved as our partner – this is usually done within one business day. Then you can start posting.

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