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Lighting Dozen – Natural Light


A set of 12 cinematography tutorials.

Digital product: Stream + Download.

You can watch these tutorials immediately after the purchase!

Product Description

Do you want to see how to set up cinematic shots – step-by-step? This set of twelve cinematography tutorials gives you exactly that – detailed information on equipment, camera settings, the camera and sun positioning (including diagrams) and color correction.

The Lighting Dozen – Natural Light shows how to work with available light. I will explain how to control and shape the sunlight in order to get different moods and looks.

The great thing about shooting in natural light is that you can create stunning images with minimal equipment. It is also a great way to learn and experiment with cinematography because you can shape and modify the sunlight just like you would artificial lights.

The light modifiers I use are affordable to most indie filmmakers. Plus, I present do-it-yourself alternatives to make it possible to achieve these great-looking shots on the smallest of budgets.

I color correct these tutorials in the free version of the DaVinci Resolve 12. This means that all of you will be able to use this powerful colour corrector and easily follow my examples, regardless of which editing program you work in.

I have also included a tutorial on the basics of DaVinci Resolve 12, in case you are unfamiliar with the program.

If your prefer, instead of Resolve 12 you can use one of the standard three-way colour correctors that are included in most editing programs, since all these tools work in a very similar way.

I used the Panasonic GH4 and the Sony a7S to film these twelve shots, but you can get similar results with more affordable cameras (ex. Canon T3i, Sony NEX-5). Most budget DSLR/DSLM cameras these days produce great images – just make sure that your camera gives you manual control over settings such as shutter, aperture, ISO and white balance.

The set gives you twelve varied lighting scenarios that will greatly enhance your films, music videos, commercials and other video projects.

By reproducing these twelve cinematic shots, you will not only impress your audiences and clients, but you will also build a foundation on which you can experiment and develop your own creative shots. Reproducing the work of others and then enhancing it with your own ideas is the best way of learning. This is exactly how I learned.

Total Running Time: 6.6 hours

Introduction (3:37 min.)

1. Studioless Portrait (30:36 min.)
2. Mystic Lake (32 min.)
3. Bright Dreams (28:15 min.)
4. Twilight Flame (34:19 min.)
5. Spec Ops (30:56 min.)
6. National Geographic (44:59 min.)
7. Dark Side of Eden (40:18 min.)
8. Soft Petals (25:49 min.)
9. Fields of Dreams (33:02 min.)
10. Dark and Hip (21:18 min.)
11. Hollywood Star (15:14 min.)
12. Garden of Eden (36:45 min.)

Plus: The Basics of DaVinci Resolve 12 (21:27 min.)


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    When this pack came out I instantly bought it. And I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Learned alot!

  2. :

    Tom Antos is an invaluable source of information and resources. I have watched with interest his reviews of specific products and through his recommendations, I have spent thousands of pounds (English money) on steadycams, gimbles, lights and laptops, etc. I have also purchased his Short Film School, which is very informative plus various lighting tutorials (Lighting Dozen 1 &2). Tom uses language we can all understand and does not confuse you with jargon just to sound clever. Most importantly, he keeps the budget filmmaker in mind and his examples can all be reproduced, as opposed to some hypothetical studio set up that no-one can really afford. I hope he continues to do what he does for a long time.

  3. :

    If you have to shoot outside and want to have a cinematic look, this is the tutorial for you.
    Tom teaches real effective techniques that are used by real cinematographer (like him): in this course you learn so many things, and maybe the most important is that you can have cinematic look with no money!

    Grazie mille Maestro Tom!

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