CineColor LUTs by Tom Antos – Combo Pack 1&2


Collection of 40 look-up-tables (LUTs) that will quickly transform your footage to give it a cinematic look


This is a collection of 40 look-up tables (LUTs) that will quickly transform your footage to give it a cinematic look. Each LUT creates a unique look that can be used on its own, or in combination with your traditional color grading workflow.

The entire collection of looks was created by Tom Antos to aid in his workflow over the past few years. These original looks have been used in numerous films, music videos and documentaries that Tom has worked on.

LUTs are like a magic brush that paint your video to give it a specific look. It’s a simple process of drag and dropping each LUT onto your footage to see if you like the look that it creates. That’s it!

For advanced workflow, you can use standard RGB color curves to further tweak each look.

If you are not sure how LUTs are supposed to be used, then please watch this quick video

LUTs can also be used on various field monitors that have LUT support such as the Atomos Shogun or Small-HD DP7-Pro

Compatible with most digital video and stills cameras!

CineColor LUTs work with Rec.709 footage, which is the standard color space. So if your camera shoots in Rec.709, then you can directly apply any of the CineColor LUTs to your footage.

If your camera shoots in a flat LOG profile, like S-Log (Sony A7S, FS-7, etc.), or C-Log (Canon C100, C300, etc), then you can apply one of our additional LUTs, to convert your footage to Rec.709

The CineColor LUTs come with four additional LUTs that will convert your footage to the standard color space (Rec.709):

  • LOG – flat color space (BMD Film, RedLogFilm, Cinestyle)
  • C-LOG – Canon’s semi-log color space – somewhere between LOG and Rec.709
  • S-LOG – Sony’s log color space called S-Log2
  • Flat – semi flat color space like the Cinestyle-D on the Panasonic GH4 & other similar cameras
  • To use the CineColor LUTs, you will need one of the following applications:

  • Adobe Premiere CC 2014, 2015 and later versions
  • Adobe Speedgrade
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 and later versions
  • Adobe After Effects CS5 and later versions
  • DaVinci Resolve FULL/lite
  • Apple Shake
  • Assimilate SCRATCH
  • Nuke
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X – requires either the LUT Utility or the FCPX LUT Loader (free as of time of writing)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and later versions (requires LUT Buddy which you can download for free here)
  • Final Cut Pro 6,7 (requires LUT Buddy which you can download for free here)
  • Apple Motion 3,4 (requires LUT Buddy which you can download for free here)
  • or any other application that supports 3D LUTs
  • List of the LUTs

    Dawn on Fire

    Dry Wind

    Fun in the Sun

    Golden Grass

    Green 2 Red

    Happy Split


    Kodak Vision

    Kodak Vision Cool

    Kodak Vision Warm

    Miami Streets

    Neon Kiss

    Pool Party


    United in War

    Urban Cinema

    Urban Pop

    War Bleach

    Warm War

    Winter War

    2 Tone Cool

    2 Tone Extreme

    2 Tone Warm

    Amber Burn


    Bloody Noir


    Cool vs Hot

    Copper Tin

    Country Bliss

    Creamy Dream Flat

    Creamy Dream Punchy

    Crisp Pop


    Fujifilm Velvia

    Fujifilm Velvia Cool

    Fujifilm Velvia Warm

    Ray of Dusk

    Summer Dream

    Tin Summer

    If your browser doesn’t display the before-and-after images above, you can also see Pack 1 here and Pack 2 here.

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    1. You gotta get this LUT package. I use them and they are really bad ass

    2. I’ve used these luts in several videos and they look great! No regrets, worth every penny.

    3. I like this cinecolor LUTs and i wont it

    4. I’ll be honest TOM Antos is an amazing guy giving away all this knowledge for free I got his lots and I must say they do cut my work in half when I need that extra speed to grade and produce exceptional results get his lots and you won’t be disappointed.

      Five stars from me Ibrahim

    5. These LUTs are awesome and so easy to use. I highly recommend them to speed up your work flow and produce great looking films.

    6. Recently, I purchased a product from Tom Antos which I use in post for my documentaries. Not only have I found his products excellent but his advise and videos are very instructional and on occasion have helped me to resolve problems. I consider Mr. Antos one of the foremost, new generation cinematographers that is making a tremendous contribution to the field. I sincerely hope that he will continue these efforts and wish him the very best of success in the future.

      Neil Turner, PhD

    7. I am filming weddings and I wanted to have nice, pleasing warm look. I purchased Combo 1&2 and start using Golden Grass LUT almost everywhere, in some cases TomAntosFilmLook. It works like charm in FCPX and I can’t imagine my life without this set of LUTs. Great job, Tom!

    8. Purchased the Combo (1&2) LUT pack on the strength of results obtained with the free samples. Unfortunately, for me, many of the LUT’s require a much flatter (low contrast) baseline profile (or else Rec709 converted Log footage) than is possible with my Canon HF-G30 at flattest manual settings. That’s using the LUT’s in Resolve 12. The free “Fuji” and “Kodak” look samples looked very nice though after some levels adjustment.

    9. Thought the LUT looks great, but unfortunately I didn’t used anyone of them. Whenever I tried to used any LUT, I have to used other color grading plugins too. Need to customise LUT as per user comfort.

    10. Your page is amazing and a really good way to learn and find out DaVinci. Thank you for this! I also really like your LUT’s and i am happy to bought this.

    11. Purchased both sets. Fantastic LUTs!

    12. These LUTS are the most professional that I have used . I was really stunned by the low price as they outperform others that costhe 10 times as much. I have great success with footage from my Gh4 , Sony A7 and even my Nikon D7200. I am very grateful to Tom Antos who continues to share his knowledge with us all ! Thank you

    13. This LUT pack is fantastic for Filmaker’s/ Creatives alike. The overall quality is incredible and can change your shot drastically. There are so many to choose from and super easy to swap them in and out. Highly Recommend this dual package for both LUT PACKS. Enjoyed it and Use them very often, Even if you just place the LUT ontop of your already color graded shot and set the opacity of the Lut very very small it increases the look of it amazingly. Pick this up asap you will not regret it! 5 stars.
      -Zack Ward

    14. This LUT pack is great! As with any LUTs, you will need to dial things in to match your shooting conditions and your camera settings. This is completely normal.

      What this pack gives you is a variety of looks – from the subtle to the extreme and will serve well as a source of inspiration for your final grade.

      Remember to watch Tom’s videos on how to work with non-Rec709 colour spaces – he does a great job explaining the subject and the tutorial goes great with this LUT pack.

    15. Tom, I really like these LUTs and your videos have saved me still much time, I really do value your feedback, reviews and opinion! Also if you’re ever in Vancouver, hit me up to collaborate on something!

    16. A good mixture of quality LUTs in these 2 packs.

    17. hi tom, thanks for your tutotials and this page. i like to buy this week the bm ursa mini 4k – ef.
      is it possible to use your luts pack combo1+2 for the ursa mini 4k or work this only with the 4.6?
      thank you for your response. greetings from muc

      • hi. Yes, for sure, the LUTs work with the 4K version of URSA Mini too.

    18. At first I thought I could not use them as I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. However I found a Free Plugin that lets me use custom Luts. So if anyone uses final cut I got the plugin from pixelfilmstudio. It worked great and the luts tommy boy have created are rippers. I would recommend them. I have not been doing this for long and these luts can help in your creative editing process. Thanks again Tom.

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