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The new MacBook Pro – still artists’ top choice?

As it is always the case with Apple product launches, there was a lot of buzz generated by yesterday’s launch of MacBook Pro laptops – especially since the Pro line had not been significantly changed in a few years.

Well, those who feared small incremental changes were proved wrong. Apple has taken some bold decisions and has introduced big advances in their Pro laptops. Now, whether all these changes will be welcomed by Applle fans is to be seen. Continue reading The new MacBook Pro – still artists’ top choice?

Best Budget Lav Microphones

Today we are reviewing four affordable lav mics. These are quality microphones that your pocketbook will like a lot. However, they are not wireless. As always, there are pluses and minuses for each technology. So, to see what you can expect from these microphones and whether they are the right tools for your projects, please check out our video below. Continue reading Best Budget Lav Microphones