Panasonic GH4 camera rig

GH4 and Sony A7s Camera Rig

I wanted to share with you guys what my current camera setup looks like. I use this with my GH4 and Sony A7s cameras, but this will also work great with many other cameras out there, especially DSLR and DSLM’s.

I got this great camera rig from CAME-TV. The rig includes the camera cage, rails, follow focus and mattebox. You can buy it on or the company’s website.

CAME-TV DSLR rig on the company’s website.

Below I will list all the other items I show in the video and where you can get the best deals.

First, let me recommend these memory cards which are the cheapest yet fastest option for recording 4K video.

Transcend 64 GB High Speed 10 UHS-3 Flash Memory Card 95/60 MB/s

SD Card Pelican Case model 0915 – a great little case to protect those memory cards

Buy on B&H Photo Video

My Pelican travel camera case model 1610
(it’s shock and water proof and fits my whole camera rig and all accessories)

Tiffen Circular Polarizer Filter

Tiffen Variable ND filter

Polyester ND Filter Set
(cheaper because its made from polyester film but still works great)

Resin ND Filter Set

Complete Step Up/Down Ring Set so you can use the filters on any lens

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

Audio cable from the Zoom Audio Recorder to Camera

Lilliput 7″ LED Monitor with HDMI in/out

Micro HDMI to HDMI – Male to Female Adapter Cable 6 Inch

Cold Shoe Mini Tripod Ball Head

Gear Ring Belt for DSLR Follow Focus

Follow Focus Crank Handle

Adjustable Friction Power Articulating Magic Arm for DSLR Camera

Camera Handle Grip with Rod Clamp for 15mm Rail

Cold Shoe Mount for 15mm Rail

DSLR Shoulder pad for 15mm Rails

Lanparte Side Grip 2 for 15mm Rails







8 thoughts on “GH4 and Sony A7s Camera Rig”

  1. you really use Sony A7s for large scale production??
    won’t you get codec issue converting to sync with other camera such as Canon 5D mk.II or mk.III?? or even maybe footage from RED??
    this is very important for use new in the business, please reply my comment if you got the time. 😉

    1. No I still haven’t used the Sony a7S on a large scale production… right now Im still doing personal tests. I’ve used the GH4 on some music videos… biggest job I used the GH4 on was a $9,000 budget music video. When I have enough money to hire a bigger crew and rent bigger support equipment with trucks etc then I still use the Red Epic.

      1. Hi Tom,
        Great review, I enjoyed it. I want to use the Came-TV rig with a Nikon D810, it is 6-7mm taller than a Canon 5DIII. Can you tell me how much space is there from the hot shoe of the Canon to the top plate of the cage? Or what is the inside height of the cage from the base plate to the top plate.


  2. Tom, i’ve been watching your videos on tips and tutorial about 2 years now and as i starter, it has helped me improve so much with my productions. Thank you so much for putting your effort and time for us beginner. This is exactly what i need to save up for 🙂

    All the best…

  3. Hi Tom,

    Great video, you made me want to purchase this rig for sure.

    I just bought the A7S and was planning to buy the GH4 also to use these 2 camera together on shoots and someone mentioned the codecs.

    Can I edit with both the A7S and GH4 in premiere pro and export them ok?

    I’ve only used Canon until now so this is new to me using 2 different cameras together but there both great and do amazing things so want them both.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Tom, im a great follower of your work and love your videos.

    I purchasing a GH4 but am stuck on the type of lens i should buy with it. i Mainly do music videos and am stuck with the 12-35 f2.0 panasonic lens or the Sigma 18-55 f1.8 with speed booster , im also a fan the anamorphic workflow and would like to try some of this with either of these lenses. please please please advise me.


    is there a speed booster for the Panasonic lens i mentioned earlier or are these SP’s only designed for foreign lenses, you help will be most appreciated..


    Del boy

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