Good deals on great new cameras and old favourites

BH Photo Video just launched good deals on some of our favourite cameras. Here are the details.

$300 off + $200 gift card on Sony Alpha a7R II. You can see our review of the camera here.

$300 off + $100 gift card on Sony Alpha a6300

$100 gift card on Sony Alpha a6500

You can see our review of the a6300 here. Also, see how this camera compares to other top 4K cameras from 2016 in our 4K Camera Shootout.

If you don’t particularly care about in-body image stabilization, then the a6300 is a great option. It has the same video capabilities as the a6500, but because of the release of the new model, the a6300 can be had at a bargain.

$100 gift card on Panasonic G85

The G85 is another one of our favourites from 2016. It was the cheapest camera in our 4K Camera Shootout, but it did quite well compared to the more expensive models. In fact, it is a camera that we ourselves use in our work.

$300 off on Canon EOS 5D Mark III

There are other camera deals to be had – the discounts are as big as $800. You can see them all here.

There are also discounts on lenses, running up to $600. You can see them all here.

Please keep in mind that these promotions expire on Sunday Feb. 12, 2017.

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